Svindersvik Bridge

Svindersvik Bridge / Nacka / Sweden | STR9® RGB & PS-INF-3000

In the early 1900s Kvarnholmen one of Stockholm’s main innovation places. Here blended new, modern architecture with fast-rolling industries. Until then the last industry was closed down in 1992, the plastic has been full of life and had a great importance in the history of Sweden. Now the place is again filled with life when people with the desire for a high quality of life flows towards Kvarnholmen to live. Here is the opportunity to live in an intimate setting with proximity to the water and the archipelago while everything you need is within reach. Kvarnholmsvägen connection combines the best of two worlds and the future bridge becomes a symbol of this time it connects neighborhoods and create a natural passage between Swine Flinders Bay steep mountain lots. The 200 meters long bridge builds a bridge between the quiet life in Nacka’s beautiful archipelago and the vibrant downtown core. With them two arcs symbolizing bronze construction union between the two districts such as two rings symbolize an engagement. Rings symbol to stand proudly in the changing environment and be seen as a piece of jewelry with their presence both daytime and at night, in the years to come.

Light design of the bridge is based on the idea of creating a symbol that binds together the archipelago near Kvarnholmen and Nacka city. Bridge as a landmark both seen and felt, both in its neighbourhood that distance. With the help of light highlights Bronze shape and gently enters the rings symbolism presented in Bronze soft, luminous arches Svinderviken. The light is changing its color temperature to naturally interact with their environment all year. The warm color temperature accentuates the rings with amber colored light symbolizing gold while a cooler color temperature turns to white gold rings material or platinum. The lighting is based on a game between dark, light and color. By highlight the parts of the bridge that enhances the vision of the character and rigor, other parts toned down and left unlit will not take place in the design. A large part of the quality of life that is unique to life on Kvarnholmen based on the proximity to the water and the beautiful view that this entails. Bridge amplifies this by take into account people’s ability to see and experience the light. By minimizing the risk the reflections in the water, brightly lit objects and to large contrasts between light and darkness maintained the free sight from both the bridge and the view of the bridge. Light directions carefully planned so as not to interfere with the view of those who are staying at and in the vicinity of the bridge.

On the bridge, staying either in the car, on bicycle or on foot. Often traveling quickly past and the time to catch create the impression is short. With the help of lighting, we want to emphasize Bronze main object and the core, to the beautiful arches and reduce the impression from the functional light on the road and GC path. Strong points of light and misguided light should be avoided and the light should be well shielded to the surfaces where it is intended and beneficial. The functional light which travels creates safety, security and visual guidance but should not steal attention from the experience the identity of the light brobågarna. Brobågarnas light evenly and soft top with the arched shape and create a beautiful profile at a distance. By Light opportunity to change from a cool, almost blue light, the warm amber color, melts the bridge in both warm autumn colors in cold winter colors.

Lighting Design: ÅF Lighting designers

Distributor: Rebel Light 

Photography: Olof Thiel

Products Used: STR9® RGB with custom colors of Amber, Blue, 4000K powered by a single PS-INF-3000

Svindersvik Bridge, Sweden was last modified: June 4th, 2020 by GVA Lighting