Limelight Condominiums, Mississauga, Canada, feature two 32 and 22 storey buildings developed by the Daniels Corporation. The modern glass-clad towers feature a unique forest patterned 6 storey podium that serves as a green beacon of light in the night sky. The innovative approach to the namesake green lighting system incorporates fifty-one of GVA Lighting’s STR9®-RGB luminaires and features design work by Kirkor Architects, specified by Rutenberg Sales. The rooftop structure becomes a crowning silhouette that transitions from white branch-like structures during the day then gives way to a glowing green forest come night.

GVA Lighting was approached to help find a solution to the architects and designers vision to have two large green spot lights projecting upward from the top of each tower. Due to the proximity of Toronto Pearson International Airport, this vision had to be tailored to meet air traffic regulations and satisfy artistic merit. A unique solution was proposed using the STR9®-RGB LED luminaire to create glowing pedestals atop each condo, which would illuminate the building tops in a display of ever changing greens in the night sky.

The STR9®-RBG is a high power colour changing LED luminaire designed for wall washing and grazing, with typical applications including façade lighting, retail and cove lighting. The STR9®-RGBs were programmed to display dynamic tones of green using DMX512-A programming, allowing for limitless colour changing effects.  With no visible fasteners and its compact size, the STR9®-RGB provided a clean looking installation on site. GVA Lighting’s proprietary sealing process makes the STR9®-RGB totally weatherproof and IP66 rated. The proven thermal design of the luminaire is effective in hot and humid climates as well as harsh Canadian winters faced by Mississauga residents.

As the roof lines illuminate the skyline, they classify Limelight Condos as enlightened architecture and reflect the buildings environmental responsibility. Limelight Condominiums hope to inspire green living and urban freshness in the Mississauga downtown, featuring a rooftop greenhouse and gardening terrace located on the 6th floor podium with individual gardening plots.  For more information on the STR9®-RGB and for pictures of Limelight Condomiums,click here.