The second instalment of the darc awards was a great one. GVA Lighting participated as a sponsor as well as a contender with the FL100 Series & COLOR-AMP™ technology.

We were really pleased that our COLOR-AMP™ placed 7th out of 19 technologies that were shortlisted. We think it’s a huge success for a technology that has only been around for couple of months and we owe a big thank you to every lighting designer who voted for it.

We also had a chance to team up with some great guys from London’s Lighting Design Collective and create a truly unique lighting installation. Each of the 12 sponsoring manufacturer was partnered up with a lighting design firm in order to create a lighting installation that was showed off at the darc night on Sep. 15. The rules were simple, the teams got a same size cube made out of scaffolding and then it was up to their imagination to create the best possible lighting installation using products supplied by the manufacturing partner.

GVA provided 96ft worth of HL-DL fixtures, 8x STR9 Monochromatic and 8x FL100 RGBW-IM fixtures that were connected to musical instruments through a special controller. The keyboard was triggering the HL-DL grid in the back, the guitar was running the STR9 Monos and the FL1000 RGBW-IM were reacting to the beat of the drums.

A big thank you also goes to Mark Paul, Gorka Cortázar and the entire team from Lighting Design Collective for being such good teammates and making the lighting installation such a success. We are sending a separate round of thank you(s) to Sharon & Martin from Light Collective and Paul James and his team from mondo arc for organizing the entire contest and the event itself, you guys did a wonderful job and we will see you next year.