During PLDC many presenters discussed new findings that enlighten and broaden the scope the lighting industry.

Ana Miran is a young lighting designer and her research on the relationship between autism spectrum disorder and the effects lighting can have for individuals, is why she was a finalist for PLDC’s “The Challenge”.

GVA was proud to be able to provide the FL100® RGBW and controls for Ana to better demonstrate the effects of a very bright light, color change and flashing during her presentation at PLDC 2017 in Paris.

This is what Ana had to say.

“My presentation had a larger impact due to the use of these luminaries. They helped get my point across, made people feel how it would be like to have autism in this loud and bright world, even if only for a couple of seconds.”

Ana told the audience that using a dimmable and tunable luminaire, where color temperature can also be controlled is a good choice, as these features can make an individual with autism feel more comfortable. Completely even illumination that creates very little shadow should also be avoided as it may hinder the person’s ability to navigate space.

Ana concluded her talk saying.

“An exact conclusion on how to create the perfect space still could not be made., however this made me even more interested, intrigued, and determined to continue the research on this subject.”

GVA is excited for Ana’s continued efforts and proudly supports the efforts of designers and professionals that continue to innovate and enlighten striving for the betterment of the lighting industry.

Photo Credit: Gwel Productions 2017