UNIBODY Technology


— is the most reliable wet location luminaire design in the world. Highly precise machined enclosure made from a solid aluminum extrusion, UNIBODY luminaires have no assembled parts, no end-caps, no seams, gaskets or seals and therefore no weak points to fail.

STR9® Series – Durable and virtually maintenance free high-end LED luminaire, was designed to last in extremely harsh environments. Leak-free and condensation-free fixtures based on time proven proprietary sealing technique and UNIBODY design.

We have challenged ourselves to design the best moisture control system to eliminate any vapor that can be entrapped during assembly. Scientifically calculated hygroscopic substances sustain a state of dryness during the entire life of fixture.

Outstanding long-term sealing performance. A dependable combination of moisture barrier and full perimeter sealing technique prevents dripping water from penetrating inside the luminaire. Innovative material compositions ensure that the seals will provide IP66 protection for the entire life of the fixture.

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