March 1, 2024 –  Vladimir Grigorik, entrepreneur, engineer, inventor, and art lover, president and CTO at GVA Lighting, Inc., is one of the 1st Belarusian Business Forum in Washington DC speakers.

With a background in Radio-Physics and Electronics from the Belarusian State University, Vladimir Grigorik became a pioneer in global LED Lighting transformation during the 2000s, following the invention of the first lighting-class LEDs.

The 1st Belarusian Business Forum in the USA brings together Belarusian businesses and professionals from the USA, along with representatives from US business associations, official bodies, and donors. 

The forum has three primary goals. First, it aims to create networking opportunities for Belarusian businesses and professionals in the USA. Second, the forum seeks to foster dialogue between US official bodies, business associations, and Belarusian enterprises. Lastly, it endeavors to build trust among Belarusian businesses abroad during the democratic and economic transition in the new Belarus.