A monument to the fallen workers who built the Welland Canal was unveiled on Sunday November 12th at the St. Catherines Museum and Welland Canals Centre. The monument commemorates the 137 fallen with their names where relatives from far and wide came to see.

The monument lists the 137 fallen in the year that they died, followed by a timeline embedded into the ground that shows how many deaths in a year over the course of the 17 year build. A grand reflective wall that follows the timeline represents the bright clear future these individuals created. The reverse of the mirror is finished in black and is semi reflective to represent the murky past.

Chosen for its rigid design and ability to stand up to the toughest conditions the STR9® accents the mirrored memorial bottom reflecting on the ground. This is the first application of the next generation of STR9®, that is housed in a more compact UNIBODY design.

GVA is honoured to have the STR9® be part of such a beautiful and tribute to the fallen workers of the Welland Canal that is an important part our history.