COLOR-AMPColor Amplifier – Automatic Maximization of Lighting Performance in Multicolor LED Luminaires



  • 2 to 3-time increase of light output in specific colors in four color luminaires
  • 2 to 3-time reduction in number of luminaires to achieve the same color effect
  • Significant cost saving due to lower number of fixtures required, as well as upon installation
  • Additional flexibility in lighting design
  • Automatically sets the maximum possible light output for any color or any combination of colors

Traditional Approach

The traditional architectural lighting industry’s approach in controlling the output of individual colors in multicolor luminaires is based on the assumption that the maximum power of individual colors should not exceed the total power consumption of the fixture divided by the number of colors. This approach is designed to protect the luminaires from overheating in case the operator turns all the channels up beyond the safe intensity level. At the same time, it also limits the ability of the fixture to deliver the higher output of individual (or a combination of) colors when all colors are not utilized, even though the thermal and electronics designs of the luminaire allow it to do so.

For example, in a standard mode, a four color, RGBW luminaire, designed for 100W total power consumption, limits each color by a quarter of its maximum power draw, in this case 25W per channel. If only one color is in use, e.g. green, the luminaire sets the maximum power of the green channel to approximately 25W. If the green LEDs are technically capable of higher power draw and therefore higher lumen output, this fixture is not utilizing its available power to the maximum, in fact, it only uses a quarter of it. The same argument is true for a combination of colors. If the operator combines two colors, e.g. blue and red into a magenta, the luminaire limits the power consumption for both channels to 25W and total color/power potential utilization for the luminaire is thus only 50%. The only time that the maximum power and light output are achieved in the standard mode is when all channels are at their safe maximum level. While in practice it works for RGB fixtures, delivering only one color (white) at its full potential, it is highly unpractical for 4+ channel luminaires that most likely have a dedicated white channel.


COLOR-AMP™™, GVA’s award winning technology, solves this issue by unlocking the unused power and light output. COLOR-AMP™™ is a smart algorithm that enables automatic full utilization of the luminaire’s available power and thermal properties to achieve the maximum lighting output of individual colors as well as combination of colors when the total allowable power does not exceed the fixture’s limits. The limiting factors for maximum light output of the luminaire’s LED can be its thermal design, the ambient temperature, the maximum output power of the embedded power supply, the maximum specified current through the LED’s die or LED driver(s), the operational thermal limits for all electronics, the mechanical components and the materials used in the luminaire’s construction.

A four color RGBW LED luminaire with COLOR-AMP™ mode is designed to have electronic circuits for each channel equal to the total wattage of the entire fixture which in the case of the all new FL100 is 100W. If only one color is needed, e.g. green, the luminaire will be able to deliver maximum light output for that thermal design. When additional colors are required for mixing colors, the luminaire will automatically decrease the power consumption/output of the first color /channel to keep the total power of the luminaire under it’s thermal limits. In multicolor LED luminaires (like RGBW or similar) this method allows to increase the lumen output of individual color channels by 3 times which decreases the number of luminaires to achieve the lighting effects required for higher lighting intensity.

LuxAwards2016 logoIt is important to note, that COLOR-AMP™ is NOT a temporary boost in light output. On the contrary, it is a completely safe and permanent way to drive LEDs throughout the entire lifetime of the fixture since fixtures do not reach or exceed maximum safe parameters set by the LED manufacturers.

After extensive testing, COLOR-AMP™ has already been implemented into our STR9® RGBW and FL100 RGBW-IM fixtures, and they will be shipping with the technology installed by default. In theory, COLOR-AMP™ can be implemented in any 2+ channel color changing luminaires and therefore you can expect more of our products to adopt this revolutionary technology in the coming months.

color-amp all colors


Following are the photometry test results of the FL100 RGBW-IM with and without COLOR-AMP™™ technology:

Products Using COLOR-AMP™

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