Cherry Hill Mall, Philadelphia, USA| STR9® RGB & COINLIGHT

Cherry Hill mall is one of the largest shopping centers in the state of New Jersey and when it was built in 1961, it was the largest mall in America and the first on the east coast to be fully enclosed and climate controlled. Recently the mall underwent major renovations, including some new interior lighting schemes.

GVA Lighting supplied STR9® RGB and CoinLight luminaires for two applications in the Mall.

The STR9® RGB units are recessed into a ground level enclosure behind a translucent cover and graze light up frosted glass windows from floor to ceiling. As well as adding colour to the windows and spilling a soft glow into the room, the luminaires also highlight the inside surface of the pillars which frame the windows.

The CoinLight Luminaires are installed on the underside of an escalator and illuminate a water feature below. The grid pattern of CoinLights is installed behind frosted glass in order to eliminate direct glare while maintaining the look of a point light source.