Minsk Arena, Minsk, Belarus | FL™ RGB, STR9® RGB, PixelDOME™

The multi-use entertainment and sports complex, the 15,000-seat Minsk-Arena, designated as a main Championship venue, is part of a unique sports complex consisting of a velodrome, a speed-skating oval and a hockey arena. The Minsk Arena also conveniently comprises of two practice rinks for the use of competition teams, avoiding unnecessary travel between venues and change of dressing rooms. The velodrome arena will be used as one of many fan fest locations during the 2014 IIHF World Championship.

GVA Lighting supplied 408m of STR9® RGB, 810m of STR9-DL*, 390 newly designed FL color changing projectors, 119 PixeLEDs, 300m of STR8 and 2500m of color changing STR2 luminaires.

*The STR9-DL is currently being replaced by the Highlighter™-DL.