Sowwah Square, Abu Dhabi, UAE | STR9® Mono

The stunning glass and steel atrium roof is the iconic image of the Galleria, a 33,000 sq m luxury mall at Sowwah Square, Abu Dhabi, UAE. At night, more than 200ft of GVA’s STR9® high power linear LED luminaires make the lighting patterns and shadows dance across the roof’s highly complex sculpted design.

The roof’s original design by RFR (France) offers an intriguing combination of Arabian design aesthetic and modern interpretation. STR9® luminaires beautifully accentuate both the roof’s articulated patterns and some of its bold and elegant geometry. The bright light envelopes the roof in a magical aura while the lighting fixtures themselves remain virtually invisible on the structure with no noticeable fasteners and their clean and modern look.

The Galleria has been designed with a focus on quality, cutting edge design and sustainability. Considering high sun exposition and humidity levels in Abu Dhabi, STR9® luminaires were an excellent choice because their proven thermal design is effective in hot and humid climates. GVA’s proprietary sealing process makes the STR9® totally weatherproof. They are very low maintenance and have a projected lifetime of 50,000hrs (B50, L70), perfect for sustainable design projects, as such.