Summer Amphitheatre, Viciebsk, Belarus | PixeLED & PixelDOME™

The Slavic Bazaar Music Festival is a major event on the Belarusian summer calendar and its home is the Vitebsk Amphitheatre. For 2007, the Amphitheatre underwent refurbishments including an impressive new roof structure designed by Valery Keskevich, Chief Architect of the Brest Design Institute. The new translucent polycarbonate roof has a surface area of more than 7,000m2, all of which is lit from beneath with GVA Lighting’s PixeLED RGB color changing luminaire.

This spectacular architectural/lighting design consists of more than 2,000 PixeLED fixtures shining up to the roof to create a massive, low resolution video screen capable of producing virtually limitless dynamic patterns and colors.

Also Provided by GVA Lighting were 1440 SqLED direct view LED luminaires which were used to transform the arch over the stage into a dynamic rainbow of light.

Each summer in Vitebsk now, sound and light come together for the Slavic Bazaar to create a truly unique and inspiring cultural experience.