John Zhu

GVA Lighting, Inc. is excited to announce that after five years of solid dedication and expertise, John Zhu has been promoted from Regional Account Manager & Engineering Sales – USA to Sales Manager.

Holding a Master of Science degree in Materials Engineering from the University of Toronto combined with years of experience, John’s expertise in GVA Lighting and the LED market is vast. 

John has successfully fostered steady annual growth in the USA market and has played a key role in much of GVA’s success. Moving forward John will be responsible for building on existing relationships with specifiers and adapting the current sales team to GVA’s expanding market throughout the world as well as training new staff. John will also be establishing a unique identity for GVA Lighting as a brand that is performance driven and customer centric.

John enjoys travel, having recently returned from Frankfurt Germany, and a tour of Chile. He also enjoys eclectic music and taking photos of notable places during his travels.

John can be reached by phone at 1-905-569-6044, ext 7260 and via email at

John has been an integral part of GVA Lighting and will continue to do so as the Sales Manager. Congratulations John!