Farris Bridge, Larvik, Norway | FL100™ Monochromatic 4000K

Farris Bridge, accommodating the growing E18 motorway, is a new and defining feature of the town of Larvik, Norway. Its concrete towers extend 70 meters above the Farris waterway, illuminated by FL100 4000K monochromatic luminaires. FL100 luminaires with tight 7° beam angles trace the lines of stay cables that are highlighted arching across the 120 meter expanse of the middle portion of the bridge. These spot luminaires are outfitted with optical glare control accessories further ensuring that drivers in passing vehicles are not hindered by direct view of the luminaires but can still appreciate the majestic architecture. All GVA luminaires installed on this project were configured with AC power input eliminating the need for extra power supplies and reducing the complexity of the installation.

Partner:  Rebel Light 

Lighting Designer: Kathrine Hjelmeset / Per Øyvind Lunach – Rambøll AS

Customer: Statens Vegvesen