NYGÅRD Headquarters, New York City, USA | STR9® Mono

NYGARD International, the company behind popular clothing brands such as ALIA, TanJay, Allison Daley, and various clothing lines under the NYGARD name recently opened its new world headquarters in the heart of Times Square in New York City.

To help the headquarters stand out in the overwhelming surroundings, all six stories of the building facade, including a three story tall ‘N’ are brilliantly lit by GVA Lighting’s STR9® LED Luminaire with Royal Blue LEDs.

Each floor has its own row of upward facing STR9® Luminaires which graze the surface of the building and highlight architectural features such as window frames and the rooftop special events terrace.

The impressive power and color saturation of the STR9® ensure that the NYGARD headquarters will shine bright in the most renowned sea of light in the world.