The Glowing Circle, Copenhagen, Denmark | HIGHLIGHTER® DL

A large glowing circle of light now brightens a park in Smedetoften, the Northwest neighborhood of Copenhagen. The illuminated gathering space features a ball field and benches to appeal primarily to young residents of the community.

The circle is created with 300 mm (1 ft) modules of HIGHLIGHTER® RGBW LED modules with round diffusers. The 254 luminaires are suspended overhead and add up to a total of 70+ m (254 ft) of continuous diffused light. The installation is programmed for color changing effects and slowly dims down to 2% brightness in the evening to mimic the progression of dusk. The HIGHLIGHTER® modules offer the project the perfect combination of proven durability and the latest in LED technology including GVA’s COLOR-AMP® Technology.

Lighting Designer: Merete Madsen | MOE Denmark

Landscape Architect: Jacob Kamp of | 1:1 Landskab

Electrical Installer: Aziz Bouzraiab | Connectric

Partner: Rebel Light

Photographer: Søren Aagaard

Drone Photographer: Birkvad Sørensen