The Palace of Republic, Minsk, Belarus | STR9®

The Palace of the Republic is a key center for cultural and political activity in Belarus. Within the walls of the impressive structure, activities take place such as congress meetings, international seminars, conferences, musical concerts and more.

To compliment the architecture of the building, the exterior lighting design uses vertically projecting sconces on the columns and two of GVA Lighting’s products. The STR9 Linear LED Luminaire is used to highlight the entablature (uppermost portion of the facade, sitting on top of the columns) and STR2 Miniature Strip Luminaires are installed on the underside of the entablature, visually continuing the columns into the building. As with the building’s classical structure itself, the vertical and horizontal elements of light come together to create a balanced visual construct; a suiting metaphor for a place of government and culture in a young and growing independent nation.